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Buffer strips and regenerative agriculture practices promote biodiversity and pollinator populations..
Biogas is a low carbon fuel solution to address climate change. SES verifies LCFS credits.

SES can help your organization define actionable goals that make fiscal and environmental sense. Our team has more than 20 years of sustainability and climate consulting experience. We help organizations define, develop, implement, measure, and maintain metrics-driven sustainability programs and GHG reduction goals.

To preserve integrity, SES does not conduct validation or verification for projects where we consult.

Sustainability and Climate Consulting Services

Sustainability and climate goals are unique to each organization. Our first step of any engagement is learning about your operation and aspirations. Our team will work with you to develop measurable, attainable goals that make fiscal sense and comply with best practices, regulatory guidelines, and standards.

We can help you:

  1. Establish a baseline and identify goals with greenhouse gas accounting and sustainability audits, including supply chain assessments.
  2. Develop science-based goals that fit your organization and fiscal requirements.
  3. Build a complete sustainability and GHG emission reduction plan that includes implementation, training, supplier outreach, stakeholder buy-in, and management.
  4. Monitor and report on sustainability and climate goal progress. We can develop custom reporting tools or assist with reporting to industry standard platforms.

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Project Experience

SES has more than 20 years of experience in sustainability and climate consulting. Our project work includes:

GHG Accounting

SES worked with an integrated livestock producer to develop a comprehensive inventory of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from the company’s operations. The inventory included emissions from feed milling, production, slaughter, processing, and transportation.

As part of the inventory project, SES developed a calculator spreadsheet to estimate methane emissions from manure lagoons, manure composting, and industrial wastewater. SES supported the organization with GHG emissions reporting to the EPA.

Sustainability Audits

SES reviewed sustainability practices for a poultry integrator with grower operations in California and produced its auditing protocol.  SES audits growers on a three-year cycle to verify the company’s sustainability claims.

Sustainability Metrics Definition

SES defined the sustainability metrics that a global top three meat conglomerate presents in its annual sustainability report.  Through corporate management interviews and a data review, SES helped the company develop a process to measure and report metrics consistently and accurately.

Beef Industry GHG Mitigation

SES evaluated the potential sources and quantities of avoided Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for the global beef industry. Our team evaluated mitigation options including the commodity production practices, inputs, productivity, and biomass that can be modified to reduce or avoid GHG emissions or to increase the sequestration of GHGs. SES also provided a review of carbon calculation methodologies and tools as well as estimates for the range of credible carbon emission reductions and sequestration.

Soil Carbon Sequestration Analysis

SES developed a report, “Analysis of How Crop Rotation Impacts Nutrient Management and Sustainability Performance,” for the United Soybean Board. The project included an analysis of how crop rotation impacts nutrient management and sustainability performance, including nitrogen management and losses and soil and plant carbon sequestration in an agroecosystem.

Carbon Sequestration Studies

SES determined specific rates of carbon sequestration on land controlled by a major livestock producer to identify potential offset available for carbon generated from the client’s operations.

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