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SES Announces New Team Members

SES is happy to announce the addition of three new team members:

Ms. Akara Regimand –  Ms. Regimand is an Associate Consultant and Analyst with SES.  She is experienced in translating complex topics into conversational and constructive content, matching specific voices to target audiences.  Ms. Regimand has worked in the consulting and consumer products industry within agriculture, environmental sciences and consumer food brands.

Ms. Sandy Johnson – Ms. Johnson is a Senior Associate with SES.  Prior to joining SES in 2018, she was the Emergency Management Coordinator for the Kansas Department of Agriculture.  Ms. Johnson’s principal areas of expertise include emergency management, agriculture security and defense, exercise development and conduct, project management; public health preparedness, and training.

Ms. Beth Bader – Ms. Bader is a Consultant and Analyst at SES.  She conducts business development and project management activities.  She has more than 20 years of consulting background in user experience, design thinking, product design, research, and analysis for industries including consumer products and food, agriculture, finance, and travel.  Her areas of focus include agriculture and food policy, supply chain sustainability, food labeling compliance, project management, native plant initiatives, marine conservation, and consumer research.

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