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SES, Inc. (SES) was founded in 1998 with expertise in natural resources management, environmental consulting, agriculture and program development/verification.  SES has expanded its expertise into the areas of carbon offset verification, database development and management, as well as livestock production agriculture.  SES is now providing emergency response planning and exercise development for all sectors of industry, including livestock disease, plant health and food defense.

SES is a multi-faceted company that provides sustainable solutions to the ever-changing challenges that the public faces every day.  Our company is anchored by a strong core of professionals who are at the forefront in their fields and are committed to providing forward-thinking advice and services.  These scientists, planners and subject matter experts successfully complete wide-ranging technical projects by leveraging their experience with strategic problem solving to come up with practical solutions for our clients.  SES is committed to maintaining its high standards of customer care through close coordination and, most importantly, a genuine regard for our client’s issues and needs.


SES is prepared to provide services to the Federal Government through our General Services Administration (GSA) contract.  The GSA award provides a rapid contracting mechanism for Federal agencies to access professional services from third-party vendors.  Please contact Frank Bryant at 1-800-897-1163 to learn more, or visit the GSA website.

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